Colorado Springs Medical Marijuana

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DSC_5158Cannasseur’s Colorado Springs Medical Marijuana location is located in the Knob Hill neighborhood. The address is:

2304 E Platte Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO.

Call us 719-465-1846 or email

Open Monday thru Saturday 10:00am-6:45pm.

Closed Sundays.

Medical Only.

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Cannasseur’s Colorado Springs Medical Cannabis, the newest addition to our care offerings, is home to the seekers of tranquility. Everything is set up to accommodate your needs and add a touch of peace and quiet to the equation. Your wellness is top on our agenda and having you here, with us, is the highest honor any day has to offer.

Find our sanctuary in the Knob Hill neighborhood and come enjoy the beneficial offerings of our medical marijuana dispensary. We want you to discover our top quality in-house grown MMJ and see what you have been missing. With over thirty strains to choose from you’ll find the flower that’s just right for your medical needs.

Each one of our patients will also be met with a wide array of edibles, concentrates and topicals, all of which will lead to an equally relieving experience. We offer nothing but our best to all members.

Becoming one of Cannasseur’s Colorado Springs pride-worthy patients comes with incredible perks such as being constantly supported by our knowledgeable and extremely patient staff.

We feel responsible to improve your experience with each visit so always be prepared for more!

We hope to see you soon!

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