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A Brief History of Colorado’s First Medical Marijuana Law: Amendment 20

Since the passing of Amendment 20 in November 2000, Colorado has been leading the way for other states to adopt sensible medical/ recreational marijuana legislation.

Today, we are granted the luxury of having physical stores where we can safely buy cannabis and other marijuana-related products. Find pot shops that fit your budget or pony up for the ultra premium strains. Either way, you have the comfort of variety and security; but it wasn’t always like that. When Amendment 20 passed, we didn’t just have these fully-stocked dispensaries offering any canna-goodie under the sun. Caregivers were actually bound by plant limits that could only treat so many patients. Things needed to change. Caregivers were finding it increasingly difficult to accept that so many patients were going  untreated. In 2007, they finally reached their breaking point. With the help of Sensible Colorado, they successfully sued the state over their counterproductive restrictions on plant/patient limits. This monumental ruling not only made it easier for patients to get their medication, but it also primed Colorado for the Dispensary boom. Two years later, the ruling was yet again challenged by the Colorado Department of Public Health. They were trying to have the 5 plant limit reinstated. Fortunately, Sensible Colorado along with hundreds of activists and patients put up a fight. By a one-vote margin, the “Green Rush” began.

MMJ Today

Anyone who possesses a medical marijuana card in Colorado would have a seemingly endless amount of options for cannabis dispensaries, specific cannabis strains, and infused products. While this may seem like a dreamland for some, for many, it can be a bit overwhelming.

For the new Medical Marijuana or “MMJ” patient, it’s nice to do a little research before going into your first dispensary, but it’s certainly not required. Your dispensary’s “budtender” will be more than happy to assist and inform you about the variety of products available.

Obtaining Your Medical Card

If you’ve come to the conclusion that you’re ready for your medical marijuana card, the process is not as intimidating as you may think. Colorado is home to hundreds of licensed physicians who understand and support the medical cannabis initiative and will work with you to determine your needs. With just a quick visit to a cannabis-friendly doctor and the filing of necessary paperwork, you’ll be given your temporary documentation that allows you to visit dispensaries immediately. However, temporary documentation only allows you to purchase cannabis during government office hours ONLY. Once your “red card” has arrived, you’ll be allowed to shop anytime within designated store-hours.

Your Guide to Cannabis Products

Has it been a while since you toked up? It might be in your best interest to know that cannabis has gotten quite strong since back in the day with a number of innovative, and highly effective products to go with it. Cannabis has about 80 compounds that are used for their healing medicinal benefits. Of those 80, there are five compounds that we put our main focus into. These compounds consist of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), Cannabidiol (CBD), Cannabinol (CBN), β-caryophyllene, and Cannabigerol. For more information on the properties of cannabis and it’s medicinal application, click here.

For those who pass on smoking and prefer taking the culinary route, you’ll be amazed at the vastly creative assortment of cannabis-infused goodies. From gluten-free coconut chocolate bars to medicated gummy bears, there’s a treat that will satisfy any sweet tooth’s palate. Need relief in other areas? Discover a broad selection of salves, balms, lotions, hair products, and more. You’ll never know what they’ll come out with next!

Becoming a Cannasseur

Being a Cannasseur is not just enjoying the finest Cannabis in the Southwest, it’s a lifestyle. Cool, calm, and collected, we treat our cannabis with the same respect as we treat ourselves. Consume responsibly, Cannasseurs.

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