Safety First

Cannabis Safety tips for the budding Cannasseur

SAFETY FIRST sign with clipping pathOne of the greatest aspects of this industry is it’s seemingly limitless room for innovation. From delectably creative edibles to artfully extracted concentrates, “Ganjapreneurs” have found innovative ways to provide a variety of cannabis products or marijuana inspired technology. With the myriad of pot-products to choose from it’s important to go in with some knowledge to avoid any not-so-chill experiences.

Breaking Brownie- What You’ll Find in a Dispensary

That sweet, captivating aroma will be the first thing you notice upon your first dispensary visit. Upon check-in, you’ll then be let into the designated area where you’re free to peruse the available products and make a purchase.

Flowers (marijuana buds) will be the main attraction of any dispensary so it’s always best to see what’s available. Don’t be afraid to smell, inspect, and inquire about each strain to be sure you’re getting a good product.

Edibles come in many forms. Find your favorite candy bars recreated or discover a connection never before thought possible. Edible marijuana and infused products are a great alternative to smoking while also delivering a strong high. Just keep in mind that Edibles are very potent and should to dosed appropriately.

Concentrates are an extremely effective way of delivering large doses of THC and CBDs that offer an array of healing benefits. However, concentrates are extremely potent. When trying waxes or other concentrates, it’s important to keep in mind that a little goes a long way.

Balms, roll-ons, patches, and skin products all have their place in a dispensary. Given their tested healing benefits, patients find it to be an extremely effective and healthier alternative to pharmaceutically made products. With some products delivering a high, others are produced to only deliver the medicinal benefits of THC , CBDs, and CBNs without the high.

Driving High Will Not Fly

iStock_000008959124SmallWe all can rejoice now that Amendment 64 has passed and Cannabis is now legal for recreational use. Since we all fought so hard to see this through, we now must use our best judgment to ensure we don’t lose this privilege. So when it comes to driving, it’s in your best interests to pass on grass until you get to where you’re going.

Let it be clear; driving high is illegal. Just like driving under the influence of alcohol, you will get a DUI if you are deemed high. Keep in mind; testing for THC ‘intoxication’ is still in it’s beginning stages and not at all accurate so let that be a deterrent to driving while stoned. If you’re one of those people who fancies themselves a “better” driver after consuming cannabis, you can feel enlightened enough to make the right decision not to.

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