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Cannabis Sativa use leads to feeling full of life. Inspiration comes naturally and is paired with strong creativity. Pick one of our Sativa varieties if you are looking for a "head high". The perfect time for smoking them is daytime.


  • Relaxation is at a peak level
  • Cerebral activity is enhanced
  • Instant energy trigger
  • Focus and creativity are significantly boosted
  • Depression is easily overcomed



Cannabis Hybrids are often referenced as super-strains. They can be bred by combining any Sativa or Indica variety, so they can be expected to deliver anything from a "head high" or "body high" up to a well balanced mix.


  • Recreational effects
  • Increased cerebral activity
  • Improved creativity, focus and energy levels
  • Body pain relief
  • Reduced depression, anxiety or headaches


Cannabis Indica consumption is highly recommended in the fight with pain or other conditions such as insomnia. Due to its heavier effects, most users prefer Indicas for a late evening.


  • Alleviation of physical pain
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Reduction in seizures and spasms
  • Drop in anxiety and stress level
  • Headache and migraine relief

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