Top 11 Best Dispensaries in Pueblo Colorado for 2024

Looking for the best dispensaries in Pueblo, Colorado for 2024?

Sweet! I am too. In fact, I’m on the hunt for a new dispensary to call home, and I’d like to try all of them.

My main goal is to find you the best cannabis strains in Pueblo. I’m looking for exotic strains with world-class characteristics that are locally grown and rare to the area.

Don’t worry… I’ll share my thoughts on the location, vibe, etc. as well.

Let’s dive in.

Best Pueblo Dispensaries (I tried them, no really, I did.)

  1. Cannasseur
  2. LivWell
  3. Green Solution
  4. The Spot 420
  5. The 404
  6. Cannabis Depot
  7. Nuvue
  8. Strawberry Fields
  9. Maggie’s Farm
  10. Three Rivers
  11. Canna Cabinet

Here are the 11 best dispensaries in Pueblo, Colorado (keep in mind: this list will change as I try other places):

1. Cannasseur (5/5)

In this dispensary review, I’ll be trying out Cannasseur.

best dispensaries in pueblo colorado

At the time of my visit, Cannaseur had dozens of different strains to choose from. Everything was the best of the best.

Obviously, I couldn’t try every strain in one visit, so I had to figure out what their most exotic flower was.

After some small talk with the budtender I found out that A) they have one of the largest and most sophisticated grows in Pueblo, Colorado (which is awesome) B) they are constantly adding new exotic type strains which then phenobarbitals hunt in house C) they dry hand-trim every bud and cure it to perfection and D) they have their very own premium line of Dabtek concentrates which they make from their hand trim.

I ended up going with one of their most exotic strains, Fuel Biscuits.

I will say the other strains looked unique as well, and I can assume they’re just as drastic.

Strain Review – Fuel Biscuits – Hybrid – 26.35% THC (5/5)

fuel biscuits

The look of this strain is unique. Consistent nug structure, very dense, nice colors, trichs everywhere. Very exotic looking.

It smelt earthy, skunky, gassy, and it reeked of dank. Very pungent.

It tasted like it smelt, too. Drastic.

The high was good. Hit me right away and lasted a long time. I can’t wait to try all of their exotics.

How was the vibe?

Visiting Cannasseur was nothing short of exciting.

As soon as you get out of your car, you are hit with the smell from their onsite grow facility.

Once you come in, you’ll be greeted by a person at the desk.

You’ll notice right away how enjoyable and branded it is inside.

Even the rug had the Cannasseur logo on it 🙂

cannasseur waiting room

I loved how the chairs were positioned. During my wait, I got to meet some cool people from out of state.

When you get in the back, it’s the same Cannasseur branded feel. They even have a viewing room, so you can sometimes get a peek at a bunch of weed growing.

I’ve been enjoying exotic-type strains at Cannasseur for a long time now. They rarely disappoint me. If you are in the Pueblo area, head on over and check them out now.

Here’s a link to their menu: Cannasseur Menu

Directions to their store: Click Here

2. LivWell (5/5)

Address: 1239 Southgate Pl, Pueblo, CO 81004

In this dispensary review, I’ll be sharing my experience trying LivWell in Pueblo.


First off, I liked how easy it was to get to. It’s right off the highway and has a huge sign you can’t miss. It was very clean and modern looking.

When I went in, I was greeted by multiple people. Lots of smiles! I was feeling the vibe.

My budtender, Amanda, was on point. She was very helpful. I love how she was wafting the flower smell at me, and I really like that they had a light and a magnifying glass to get a good look at what I was buying.

I ended up getting Tropical Cookies.

Strain Review – Tropical Cookies – Sativa Dom – 18.1% THC (5/5)

Tropical Cookies

It was really nice looking.

Nice bud structure. Dense. Colorful. Excellent.

It smelled like some wild exotic fruit. It was super unique, and I’ve only smoked a few strains like it.

I loved how it tasted. It was earthy/fruity/citrus, plus it tasted how it smelt. I honestly can’t put my finger on it, sooo good.

The high was enjoyable. Hit me quick. My eyeballs were busting lol

Overall, I really liked LivWell. They have so many strains to choose from, and their flower is of high quality. Their customer service was perfect too.

I would highly recommend this place if you’re in the area.

3. The Green Solution (5/5)

Address: 3504 N Elizabeth St, Pueblo, CO 81008

Let’s review The Green Solution.

The Green Solution

This place was easy to get to. It’s right off the highway, which makes it super convenient for travelers driving through town. The building from the outside was clean. It was branded and looked very modern.

I was surprised by how big it was inside. It was a little overwhelming at first.

My budtender, Chase, was awesome and seemed very knowledgeable. We had a nice conversation about what makes a strain exotic. He was eager to help me and answered all of my questions thoroughly. It was easy to see he really liked his job.

I ended up purchasing Gelato Cake. The product was pre-packaged in a plastic container.

pre package

I’m not a huge fan of them, as I couldn’t really get a good look at what I was buying. I couldn’t smell it either.

Strain Review – Gelato Cake – Indica – 27% THC (3/5)

Gelato Cake

It looked like it was light dep. The bud structure wasn’t the best. I could have gotten a bad part of a plant or something.

It smelled wonderful. It had an earthy/skunky smell to it. Which I like very much.

It did not taste very good. I have had this strain before, and I know it does taste amazing.

I just got unlucky this time.

The high was heavy and it hit me quickly. Definitely lasted a good bit, too.

The exit bag was fantastic! I love it when I get a nice branded bag to carry my weed in 🙂

the green solution exit bag

Overall, I really enjoyed myself. I do wish I hadn’t purchased Gelato Cake as I’ve already had that strain. Especially since they had so many strains to choose from. I will certainly be back to try something different. If you’re in the area, you’ll want to check this place out.

4. The Spot 420 (4/5)

Address: 3504 N Elizabeth St, Pueblo, CO 81008

In this dispensary review, I’ll share my experience trying The Spot 420 in Pueblo, Colorado.

The Spot 420

This place was conveniently located off of highway 50 and interstate I-25. It was in a stand-alone building right on the corner next to the Conoco gas station. The outside looked nice and was branded.

Once I got inside, I noticed some pretty cool decor. I was digging the vibe.

The staff was helpful, especially my budtender, Star. She was showing me so many strains I had a hard time deciding. I love budtenders who demonstrate to me how much they like their job 🙂 In the end, I asked her to choose the strain she thought was more along the lines of an exotic type strain. We settled on Bridgeburn OG.

Strain Review – Bridgeburn OG – Indica – 31.18% THC (5/5)

Bridgeburn OG

The bud structure was solid. Buds were very dense. Nice colors.

The smell was very earthy and skunky.

It tasted as it smelt. Strong earthy taste with a delightful aftertaste. Very good.

The high was sedating. Very heavy on the eyeballs.

Overall, this was a pretty nice place. I was really feeling the vibe. The customer service was superb. They even let me take a pic of a cool logo they had on the wall. Then they suggested I get a pic of me as well. It was fun and a great experience. I highly recommend this place to anyone visiting the Pueblo County area.

5. The 404 Dispensary (4/5)

Address: 404 N Greenwood St, Pueblo, CO 81003

Let’s review The 404 Dispensary in Pueblo.

the 404 dispensary

When I visited this place I felt like I was in pueblo.

the 404 outside wall

The outside of the building was unique. It was located right in the heart of the city. Not too far from I-25.

It had a mom-and-pop feel to it as well. Which was really cool because I wanted to try large brands and some smaller ones too.

I was eager to get inside and check the place out.

They did let me take a few pics of the inside (some places frowned on this, you couldn’t take pics anymore when the products were visible).

I loved the discount wheel.

discount wheel

And this made me laugh…

pipes in a glass case

This place had a ton of character to it. I could have spent hours here.

After a short wait, I was greeted by my budtender, V (yes, that was his name). The dude was awesome. He helped me find something I’ve never tried before. At the time of my visit, they didn’t have a lot to choose from with regard to something they grow. Which is fine. I ended up buying Princess Jasmine.

Strain Review – Princess Jasmine – Hybrid – 32.16% THC (3/5)

Princess Jasmine

Buds were dense, and the overall look was on point. It could have been trimmed a little better. There were some green leaves that made it look a bit scraggly.

It had a nice earthy smell to it.

It didn’t taste as it smelt. But it wasn’t bad at all.

The high wasn’t too bad. Nice and mellow.

Overall, this place was fantastic. I will keep an eye out for when they have more of their strains in stock. You definitely want to visit this place if you are in the area. I will be back to visit this place again for sure.

6. The Cannabis Depot (4/5)

Address: 2440 I-25, Pueblo, CO 81008

Let’s check out my review for The Cannabis Depot.

The Cannabis Depot

This location was right off of the highway. If you are getting gas at the Love’s Travel Stop you are right around the corner.

When I arrived I saw a huge building with the logo on top. It was branded and looked clean.

They had a big waiting room inside and the place was very busy. I asked why it was so busy and they said they were having a sale on their outdoor strains and the price was only $45 bucks out the door! Gees, no wonder why there were so many people here.

My budtender, Michael, was very helpful. He whipped out so many strains for me to look at I honestly couldn’t decide on what I wanted. It all looked like fire! After some small talk, I decided on the Rotten Cherries.

Strain Review – Rotten Cherries – Sativa Hybrid – 26.07% THC (5/5)

Rotten Cherries

I really liked the buds. They were dense and super frosty with a nice color to them.

The smell was very skunky, earthy, and a bit gassy.

The taste was awesome! It was earthy and very smooth.

It had a nice sweet aftertaste as well!

I really enjoyed the high. Kicked in right away and lasted a good bit. I needed a nap after lol

Overall, this dispensary was fun to visit. I’ve heard they are famous for their discounted weed. It’s not the best weed but if you’re trying to find good weed and a great price then I highly recommend this place.

7. Nuvue 4/5

Address: 4740 Dillon Dr, Pueblo, CO 81008

In this review, we will be taking a look at Nuvue dispensary.


This dispensary is conveniently located off of I-25. It’s a massive-sized building that you can’t miss. It’s right next to Texas Roadhouse. I like how they had their name in huge letters on the corners of the building.

The inside waiting room had a huge sign with Nuvue’s logo on it. I noticed an award below the sign for the 2019 Yield – The Grow Off, where it appears they were the champions. I took a pic of it

nuvue logo

After a short wait, I was called to the counter where my budtender, Max, was waiting to help me.

He had a lot to show me and he answered all of my questions thoroughly. We talked a bit about exotic type strains and after a few minutes, I settled on Purple Nile.

Strain Review – Purple Nile – Indica – 16.5% THC (3/5)

Purple Nile

It had nice little (I mean small) dense nugs that were very colorful. Very exotic looking. I was excited to try it!

It tasted like weed, nothing special.

The smell wasn’t bad, it just didn’t smell like anything really.

I had to take a few hits to feel it. It sort of crept up on me. But overall it was pretty mellow.

Overall, this place was decent. I’m sure I could have found something better. However, I wanted to let the budtender find me something based on their expertise. I wanted a strain that had a good smell, taste, look, and a good high. It lacked some of the characteristics I was looking for. I will be back to try other strains for sure.

8. Strawberry Fields (4/5)

Address: 2285 Interstate 25, North, Pueblo, CO 81008

Let’s check out the review I did for Strawberry Fields.

Strawberry Fields

I was actually just driving by this place when I saw it. It was right off of the interstate so I decided to give it a try. The outside was branded really well. I was excited to see the inside.

The inside had your typical dispensary feel to it. It was pretty cool.

After a short wait, my budtender Matthew helped me out. He was really awesome. I told him I was looking for something new. He began showing me a bunch of different strains. He pulled out Peyote Critical and right away it piqued my interest. I ended up going with it.

Strain Review – Peyote Critical – Indica – 24.73% THC (3/5)

Peyote Critical

The buds were dense. The colors, trichs, and structure looked great.

There was a hint of something when smelling it. I just couldn’t put my finger on it. So ya, it didn’t really smell like anything.

I didn’t like the taste. Tasted like a cached bowl or something along those lines.

The high was really mellow. A little too mellow for me.

I’m sure I could have found something that had a better taste, smell, and high. I did like the brand and the customer service was on point for sure.

You’ll definitely want to check this place out.

9. Maggie’s Farm (4/5)

Address: 1400 Santa Fe Dr Ste A, Pueblo, CO 81006

In this review, we will be trying out Maggie’s Farm.

Maggie’s Farm

This dispensary was located in a strip mall.

It’s not the easiest place to get to so if you’re in a hurry you might want to try the other location up north.

My budtender’s name was Daniel. This dude was really helpful and super fun to talk to. He definitely added to the experience.

We talked about what he called, “Clean Green Certified.” He mentioned they follow the same standards an organic farm would, but, since marijuana is federally illegal it can’t be called “organic,” so they call it “Clean Green Certified.” Basically, that means no herbicides or pesticides. They only use ladybugs. No chems and sun-grown only. Pretty cool concept.

After showing me a few strains that he thought were the best, I decided on the Blue Vishnu strain.

Strain Review – Blue Vishnu – Indica-Dominant Hybrid – 28.53% THC (4/5)

Blue Vishnu

It definitely had a unique look to it. The buds were pretty dense and it was sticky when I broke it up. Nice profile for sure.

It had what I thought was an earthy combination with a fuel smell. Really strong.

Although I didn’t taste too much, the smoke was very smooth.

The high was great. It hit me right away. Felt pretty heavy and I was high for a long time. It’s crossed with Blue Dream and Pranayama Kush so I knew it was going to be a heavy hitter. And it’s sun-grown, can’t beat that.

The one unfortunate thing was they didn’t sell grams at this location. That was a bit disappointing.

Overall, it was a good experience. It’s definitely a place you should visit.

10. Three Rivers (4/5)

Address: 1714 Santa Fe Dr, Pueblo, CO 81006

Here’s my review for Three Rivers.

Three Rivers

This location was in a strip mall. It was a very short drive down the road from Maggie’s Farm. Again, not the most convenient location but I thought since it was so close I’d better check it out.

I was greeted by an alien…

alien in front of three rivers

Which I thought was cool 🙂

Alicia, my budtender, was very helpful and fun to talk to about weed. She was very knowledgeable as well. We looked at a bunch of different strains and I decided on a strain called Grape Drink.

Strain Review – Grape Drink – Indica – 25.34% THC (4/5)

Grape Drink

It had a super nice trich profile. Nice color. Buds were dense.

It smelled a little like candy, a little fruity, and maybe a bit earthy.

It tasted like weed. Maybe a little sweet, like candy. Not anything bad, it just wasn’t overpowering like I thought it was going to be based on how it looked and smelt.

The high was mellow at first. It crept up on me and turned heavy. I definitely would try this strain again. I feel it would be great for bedtime 🙂

Overall, I had a nice experience with this dispensary. It had that nice mom-and-pop feel to it. I would try this place again.

11. Canna Cabinet (4/5)

Address: 2630 W Pueblo Blvd, Pueblo, CO 81004

Next, I’ll be reviewing the Canna Cabinet.

Canna Cabinet

This place was about a mile off of the highway to the west. Just down the road from LivWell and Green Solution. It had a really nice mom-and-pop feel to it.

They had a cool wall made from 2×4’s. My family has a construction background so I thought it was pretty cool.

Canna Cabinet inside wall

Alexander was my budtender. He was very helpful. I asked him if they grew their own weed but said they didn’t. They had so many jars behind the counter so I just asked for something he thought was different or exotic. I ended up grabbing some Sweat Helmut.

Strain Review – Sweat Helmut – Indica Hybrid – 25.19% THC (3/5)

Sweat Helmut

It looked super frosty. Buds were really dense. The color was nice.

There wasn’t much smell to it. Maybe a little sweet and a bit of skunk to it. It didn’t smell bad, that’s for sure.

It didn’t taste like anything really. Maybe spicy. I couldn’t put my finger on it. It wasn’t the greatest.

It was mellow at first but kicked in after a few minutes. It was just ok…

Overall, it was a good experience. Customer service was great! It’s a place you’ll want to check out if you like that mom-and-pop feel.

WOW. What a ride! What dispensaries have you tried in Pueblo? Let me know of some good ones, and I’ll go check them out 🙂

If you found this review helpful be sure to share it with friends and family.

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