can you bring your child into a dispensary in pueblo west colorado

Can you bring your child into a dispensary in Pueblo West, Colorado

The short answer is NO. So, if you want your kid to accompany you to a marijuana dispensary, you must be very creative. Dispensaries that comply with laws and regulations guiding the sale and usage of marijuana are very strict on age matters. For starters, anyone aged 20 or below is not allowed into a marijuana dispensary. Most weed shops provide a waiting area where minors can hang out. But they have security guards or employees who check it before allowing anyone into the shop. Having a child in the waiting area is risky because law enforcement prefers to conduct undercover inspections.

What you should know before visiting a cannabis dispensary

If you are a fan of cannabis, you must have noticed that, though it has been legalized in Colorado, purchasing it isn’t like buying groceries or liquor. The Marijuana Enforcement Division monitors and scrutinizes dispensaries to ensure they comply with the law. So, before you set out to buy weed, you must understand the following:

You must have and show your ID.

You cannot visit a cannabis dispensary in Colorado and make a purchase if you are not at least 21 years of age. This already rules out having a child with you. If the product or plants can be seen from the lobby, the restrictions will apply as soon as you enter the shop. The law prohibits minors from seeing marijuana plants or products on display. Note that most dispensaries use electronic ID scanners. So, the document you present should be clean and not defaced.

The Types Of Acceptable Identification Documents

Marijuana dispensaries accept most identification documents, but not all of them. They will accept photo IDs issued by US territories and states, US military IDs, passports, and driver’s licenses, among others. Before you visit any marijuana store, find out what type of identification documents they accept. As you can see, minors can’t have these documents, meaning they can visit marijuana dispensaries. Foreigners can also shop at marijuana shops upon showing their valid passports. Whichever identification document you want to present, ensure it is in good condition. Forged or expired documents aren’t allowed and can cause your arrest.

Can You Ask a Friend To Buy You Weed?

According to marijuana regulations, an individual can only purchase an ounce of pot per day. So if you have a child you can’t leave alone at home, you can send a friend to buy marijuana for you using his identification documents. Note that once marijuana is purchased, it can’t be re-sold. It can only be given to a friend as a gift.

Buying Marijuana in Pueblo West Colorado

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