Check Our Our Cannabis Flower at Cannasseur Pueblo West

Here at Cannasseur, we are always on the hunt for the new exotic type strains. Check out some of our in-house strains that we grow right here in the Pueblo area. Be sure to head on over to our menu to check availability and prices.

Sativa Strains

Cannabis Sativa use leads to feeling full of life. Inspiration comes naturally and is paired with strong creativity. Pick one of our Sativa varieties if you are looking for a “head high”. The perfect time for smoking them is daytime.

Hybrid Strains

Cannabis Hybrids are often referenced as super-strains. They can be bred by combining any Sativa or Indica variety, so they can be expected to deliver anything from a “head high” or “body high” up to a well balanced mix.

Indica Strains

Cannabis Indica consumption is highly recommended in the fight with pain or other conditions such as insomnia. Due to its heavier effects, most users prefer Indicas for a late evening.

Cake Crasher

Cake Crasher is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain.

Divorce Cake x Zkittlez

Divorce Cake x Zkittlez is a Indica dominant strain.

Ice Cream Cake

Ice Cream Cake is a heavy Indica. Learn More.

Mac #1

The Mac #1 is a Hybrid strain.


Tangieland is a Hybrid marijuana strain.

Wedding Pie

Wedding Pie is a Indica dominant cannabis strain.

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