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cheeba chews

Cheeba Chews began in 2009 and has since become one of the most successful cannabis brands on the market. You can purchase them at our dispensary in Pueblo West, CO.

From the start, it committed to creating discreet and potent products that would satisfy customers and improve patient outcomes. Since then, Cheeba Chews has gone from strength to strength, selling to virtually every consumer demographic.

Products contain both CBD for non-psychoactive relief and THC for those requiring psychoactive support.

Cheeba Chews only uses premium-grade cannabis in the manufacturing of its edibles. It tests each batch of extract to ensure consistent and predictable results. As company policy, it always puts dosing information on the label so that customers know precisely how much they should be taking.

Cheeba Chews also takes discretion seriously. It believes you should be able to get CBD- or THC-based relief wherever you are, without having to light up. Cheeba Chews can be taken in the office, on public transport, at home, or at social gatherings.

Effects from Cheeba Chews products can last between two and six hours. *It will depend on the person.

The brand recommends that customers keep all chews in a cool, dry place, and supplies resealable bags for freshness.

Products from Cheeba Chews vary by region. Currently, the brand sells to Colorado, California, and Massachusetts.

Featured Cheeba Chew Products

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