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dixie elixirs

Dixie Elixirs — which got its start in 2010 — believes in research, advocacy, and education.

Over the years, the brand has established itself as a trusted player in the cannabis market, offering consumers in-depth information on its products, processes, and the wider industry. You’ll find many of their products at our Pueblo West Dispensary.

Dixie Elixirs handcrafts every product using pure THC, a process that emerged after many years of development. However, it doesn’t leave anything to chance. It goes above and beyond mandated batch testing and triple lab tests for every product it sells. This way, it can assure customers that they are always receiving the highest quality products in the dosages they expect.

Those looking to experience a range of cannabis products love Dixie Elixirs. It offers customers edibles, elixirs, and topicals of incredible consistency.

Its primary product is its Elixir, which is a drink available in berry lemonade, cherry limeade, fruit punch, and tea and lemonade flavors. Other options are available, including THC chocolates, gummies, mints, bursts, and tarts.

Dixie currently has operations in Nevada, Michigan, Maryland, California, and Colorado. It intends to expand nationwide as states liberalize cannabis consumption.

It does not sell to consumers directly, but rather through its network of distributors.

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