Incredibles got its start in 2010, back when commercial cannabis edibles were almost brand new.

The founders — Josh Fink, Rick Scarpello, Bob Eschino, and Derek Cumings — wanted to relieve Grandma Nonis’ pain. They started making special hemp-containing cookies that seemed to make her feel better.

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On the back of this success, the team began wondering whether they could sell their cookies to more people. Their creations soon blossomed into the Incredibles brand which now offers multiple cannabis-infused cookies.

Popular flavors include cookies & cream, strawberry crunch, mile high mint, peanut buddha butter, and black cherry. In the early days, the relationship between the dose and effect of cannabis edibles wasn’t clear. A lot of it was potluck. However, Incredibles founders sought to change this.

They established product homogeneity processes, assuring that each batch of cookies delivered a consistent dose of cannabis. They then marked packages with the milligram amounts so that customers could see what they were getting from each serving. This approach naturally dovetailed with the brand’s goals to ensure that edible experiences are not a gamble.

Incredibles makes all of its products with pure distillate in a homogenous mixture, allowing them to calibrate the dosage precisely. Since its launch, the brand has won numerous awards and accolades, including THC Championship Best Test Edible, and has received praise from GQ Magazine.

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