Kaviar’s founders noticed that the quality of some cannabis products left a lot to be desired.

Consumers and vendors weren’t getting the best flower, oil, or kief from existing suppliers. For this reason, they decided to create a principled cannabis brand, one that would prioritize innovation, consistency, and quality. You can find Kaviar’s products at our Pueblo West Dispensary.

The result is a firm that is now respected by both customers and distilleries across the country.

Kaviar sells two lines of edible cannabis products: StarBar and Muncheez. StarBars are cookie cereal bars infused with berries, chocolate chips, and marshmallows. They come in a range of flavors, including Cocoa Krunch, Cinnamon Apple, Cookies ‘n Cream, Cookie Krunch, and Berries ‘n Cream. Muncheez are juice fruit gummies made with real fruit juice and a sugar coating. Flavors include watermelon, peach, and passion fruit.

Kaviar does not sell directly to consumers. Instead, it vends products through its network of distributors. The brand’s mission is simple: it wants to produce the finest cannabis products in the world. Its dream is to deliver moments of euphoria to more people across the planet, ensuring that their high expectations are met, all in an ethical and responsible manner.

Featured Kaviar Products

Here are some of Kaviar’s products.

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