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For years, friends have been drinking alcoholic beverages together. However, Colorado-based Erik Knutson noticed that there were no cannabis-based options for people to enjoy. Therefore, in 2010, he set up Keef with the help of friends and family, a new brand with the goal of creating drinkable cannabis products. You can find these delicious drinks here at Cannasseur.

Knutson’s first foray was Keef Cola made by combining a regular soft drink with cannabis extract. The founder gave the drink to Grandma Dee who loved it, asking for more the next day, and then the one after that. Soon, the brand was born, and Keef was making cannabis drinks commercially.

Since its inception, Keef Brands has grown to become one of the most loved and celebrated cannabis brands in Colorado, selling cannabis-infused products across several US states.

The brand believes in sharing good times together, celebrating what cannabis has to offer, and being inclusive. It’s also adventurous, keen to explore new frontiers of human life and consciousness, and it hopes its products will help its customers do the same.

Keef now offers dozens of THC-based beverages in practically every flavor you can imagine. You can choose from Original Cola, Bubba Kush Root Beer, Orange Kush, Blackberry Coconut, Raspberry, Blood Orange, Purple Passion, and Flow. Each can contains 10mg of THC.

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