Stratos is a brand that believes that taking cannabis products should begin with a feeling of certainty. Consumers should be confident that the quantity of active ingredients stated on the label is actually what they are ingesting.

Unfortunately, consistent, reproducible dosing is not something widely available across the industry. Brands are letting their customers down, according to Stratos, by failing to homogenize and standardize products, leading to uncertainty. Stratos is changing this. The company promises you the same effects every time you enjoy its products. You can buy these awesome products here at Cannasseur Pueblo West.

Stratos adopts a scientific approach to manufacturing, employing techniques used in the pharmaceutical industry. The brand’s process begins with growing and then extracting cannabis. Because the firm vertically integrates its operations, it’s able to trace each batch back to its source, making auditing and testing more effective.

Once Stratos isolates cannabinoids from the plants, it blends them in carefully calibrated ratios to produce the desired effects. Its “seed-to-sale” approach means that it has full visibility over the production process, a trait that other brands lack. Its THC and CBD products include tablets, tinctures, topicals, and full-spectrum oils. It also sells high-quality isolates featured in several media publications

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