Where Do Dispensaries in Colorado Get Their Weed?

Where Do Dispensaries in Colorado Get Their Weed

Where do dispensaries in Colorado get their weed? That’s a good question, and an important one, as the source of cannabis products can impact quality, purity, and price.

Not all cannabis growers and producers care about quality and purity. Some are only in it for the money. They will do anything to cut costs, including using pesticides to grow and harmful chemicals during extraction.

On the other hand, cannabis companies that truly care about their products tend to stick to growing organic and use clean extraction methods.

Where marijuana dispensaries get their weed can impact your high and your health. Both medical and recreational dispensaries can choose to grow their own weed, outsource their grow operations, or buy from commercial cannabis growers.

This article explains the difference between each of these options and how it affects the products you buy and consume.

Where Do Dispensaries in Colorado Get Their Weed? It Matters.

Here at Cannasseur Pueblo West, we grow our own cannabis. Dispensaries that grow their own can be picky about seeds, growing methods, and extraction methods to ensure excellent quality and purity.

Growing your own cannabis also gives you the option to include various strains that may be difficult to find in your area. It provides customers unique options so they don’t always have to buy the same old strains.

Other dispensaries outsource their grow operations. This means they pay someone to produce the specific products they want. With this method, the dispensary has some control over quality and purity, but not as much as if they grew their own.

Many dispensaries source products from commercial growers, buying cannabis from other brands to sell at their shop. Buying from commercial growers means you have to choose from what others are growing and selling. The dispensary has much less control over the quality and purity of the cannabis products.

Some recreational cannabis dispensaries grow their own flower and source some products, such as edibles, from other companies. The best dispensaries that outsource products are diligent about where the products they sell come from so that customers can feel secure in what they purchase.

Why You Should Know a Colorado Dispensary’s Source

If you’re asking where Colorado dispensaries get their cannabis, it is probably because you want information about what’s in it. The methods used to grow cannabis and extract THC and CBD for concentrates can affect product quality, purity, and even flavor. Also, every aspect of cannabis product production can influence its price.

For these reasons, it’s wise to stay knowledgeable about where dispensaries get their weed in Colorado.



The purity of flower products (and other cannabis products) is valuable to consider when choosing a Colorado dispensary. Cannabis can become impure from pesticides, mold, and harmful chemicals used during THC or CBD extraction or testing. CO2 extraction is the cleanest extraction method.

New mandatory testing requirements in Colorado revealed the impurity of many commercially available recreational marijuana products. That’s why it’s best to choose a business that avoids practices that can negatively impact cannabis purity. Choose recreational dispensaries that care about customer safety over their bottom line.

Dispensaries who grow their own cannabis tend to take pride in everything they produce. At Cannasseur, we have state-of-the-art grow chambers in-house to ensure our customers receive the purest cannabis products possible.

Stop by the store, and our budtenders will be happy to share all the details about our growing and extraction practices.



A quality marijuana product is about much more than just the strain. Blue Dream from one grower is not necessarily the same as from another. The way a cannabis plant grows can impact quality. Lighting, temperature, and humidity are all factors that influence how potent and flavorful the buds are.

Higher quality products provide all the details about how and where they grow their marijuana. Ask your budtender about the source of a cannabis product before you decide to buy. Budtenders at top-notch marijuana dispensaries will always provide great customer service and help you decide on the right strain for you.



How cannabis is grown and extracted can play a role in determining its price. Some marijuana products cost more because they are higher quality or rare.

Beware of high prices from companies that don’t share their growing and production methods. They might be charging a lot without offering the best quality.

Find a dispensary you trust to sell you the best product for a fair price. For example, at Cannasseur, we take our time to grow only the highest quality flower products. When you shop with us, you can be sure you will consume cannabis that is potent, pure, and sold to you for great prices.

Notes on Buying Cannabis in Colorado

In Colorado, you can legally smoke or consume recreational marijuana. Expect a security guard to check your ID at the door, and then you’re in. It’s been legal for quite a while, so the choices of cannabis products available can be overwhelming.

Whether you’re looking to smoke, vape, or eat your weed, a great dispensary will help narrow down the choices by staffing knowledgeable budtenders. These budtenders will be able to answer all of your questions and make informed recommendations based on your specific needs.

If your marijuana use is medical, you can save money by obtaining a medical marijuana card from a doctor. The taxes on medical marijuana sales are less than on recreational sales. Anyone on the medical marijuana registry and recreational users 21 and up can legally possess up to two ounces of marijuana.

Federal law states that marijuana is still illegal though, so most credit card companies don’t allow people to buy weed using their card. Bring some cash to the dispensary to avoid paying a high fee from an ATM inside the store.

Choose Your Dispensary Wisely

You don’t need a Denver dispensary to get good weed. You don’t even need one in Colorado Springs or Boulder. Any dispensary that offers transparency about their products is probably an excellent one. It’s even better if they sell weed that they grow themselves.

Different cities around Colorado have their own local dispensaries to fulfill all your pot smoking needs. Now that you know where dispensaries in Colorado get their weed, you can make an informed choice about where to buy.

Cannasseur Pueblo West is a perfect option if you live or find yourself in Pueblo, Colorado. At Cannasseur, our staff is highly educated in all available products, from our house-grown flower to our house-made shatter. Stop in, chat with a budtender, and take a look at a grow chamber where we grow our own flower.


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