why do dispensaries scan id in pueblo west colorado

Why do dispensaries scan ID in Pueblo West, Colorado?

Proper identification is vital when purchasing marijuana in Pueblo, West Colorado. It is also a requirement by the authorities. For that reason, dispensaries must take necessary identification steps not to put their licenses at risk. Note that regulatory authorities and the police can use underage buyers to bust dispensaries in Pueblo that fail to comply with the identification requirements.

Acceptable documents

Marijuana dispensaries only accept certain identification documents. For this reason, before you visit any dispensary, find out which type of ID they accept. In most cases, dispensaries accept the following IDs.

  • United States military identification cards
  • Tribal documents
  • Passports
  • United States or state-issued driver’s licenses with photographs.

The ID scanners used in most dispensaries can read mag stripes on driver’s licenses, meaning a fake ID or driver’s license will be detected.

Trying to use a fake ID will result in four likely consequences:

  • Your phony ID won’t get past the electronic ID check.
  • The fake ID will be confiscated.
  • If you resist the confiscation of your fake ID, the management will call the police to arrest you.

Dispensaries must scan IDs for the following reasons:

To track daily cannabis usage

Most states, Colorado included, limit the amount of cannabis you can purchase per day or visit, and that’s where things get complicated. For this reason, your ID will have to be scabbed to track your daily cannabis purchase. ID scanning apps keep your records, and they are available to the police and other law enforcement agencies.

Compliance checks

The law prohibits selling marijuana to minors. Selling marijuana to minors can attract hefty fines and may result in license suspension. Some children may try to use fake IDs to purchase marijuana. Still, these won’t go beyond the scanning stage, ID scanners, therefore, ensure that dispensaries comply with the laws and regulations demanding proper identification before buying weed.

Furthermore, ID scanners time-stamp ID scans and display customers’ age to prove that sufficient effort has been made to confirm the buyer’s age. This ensures cannabis sellers cannot face criminal liability because they will have an affirmative defense.

ID Scanning enhances Customer experience.

Scanners work faster than human checks, meaning automatic check-ins won’t have long queues. The scanners aggregate customer information automatically into forms. Furthermore, ID scanners can note customers’ purchase histories and references to make the sales process faster. The scanner can also identify VIP customers for personalized services.

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